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October 02, 2011



Just found your blog as have just been contacted by company working for my ins company, following a burglary, valuing the jewellery stolen about correctly but offering me 2/3 of value for cash settlement. Some was antique and some bespoke but they say they can replace this for this 'discounted price'. When asked what they would do about the bespoke silver necklace they said they would get someone to make one for me. - From a photo? - valued about £700.
Wonder what my options are now? I really just want the full value to buy similar items of my choice if I am honest. But I don't want to be £1000 on the items stolen. Am I being naive or just unrealistic here. Not a high claim and the first ever claim in my life!! I was really honest and upfront about what I had, did plenty of research on the net and sent a genuine claim. Certainly did not over exaggerate the value.
Any suggestions??

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