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March 06, 2011



try the hopi ear candle treatment mum....it might help you. someone at work said it helped them when they had a similar hearing problem. x

Miguel A

Did the hopi ear candle work?, are you better?

Liz Marshall

I didn't try a hopi candle as the ear was blocked inside and hopi candles only work for wax in the outer ear canal. I am better now though, thanks.


I have this right now and have had it following a cold in November - how did you get rid of it. I havent heard my own voice properly since then - I too sound like a dalek!

Liz Marshall

Hi JB, to be honest nothing seemed to make any difference. It took about 2 weeks for a little hearing to come back, enough for me to return to work and then a further couple of months to feel I was hearing more or less normally. So basically, it just seemed to be time. You could try the breathing steam .... that may get through if you are at the dalek stage where some sound is getting through. Hope you get better soon.

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