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August 06, 2008



I stand in awe of your wordsmithing. Wonderful stuff - we'll get the b and to do this version at the next gig. Shame That's Life isn't on screen any more, it would be an ideal item.


I hope you have sent it to them.


I'm having similar problems, I didn't even receive the goods - how long did it take to get your money back? I'm on week 5!

Liz Curtis

Hi Rich, I ordered on July 4th. They delivered a week later, but the supplied machine was obviously second hand and broken. They collected it on the 21st. Following that, after repeated phone calls they eventually admitted they didn't have one in stock. They said they would order one, but when it hadn't arrived over a week later I asked for my money back. They finally paid my money back on August 6th after I had reported them to both Protx and IMRG, who have since blacklisted them. So not as long as you! I was just gob-smacked at the lies they told, their inability to apologise or accept that they had done anything wrong. I then got the same coffee machine at House of Fraser for about £60 less! All I can advise is to keep ringing and add 141 before your number so they don't know who it is!


Hi, sadly still no refund, have now threatened legal action, will follow through with credit card company and try and get my money back. All I get is we're sorry only Mark can deal with the refund.... found so many comments on the web now! If only I'd searched harder I would have gone elsewhere! Thanks for your comments though, perhapes there is a flicker of light at the end of the tunnel!

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