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May 31, 2008



Aaaah! I have fond memories of joining my friend Pete and a few other there for a late night visit one summer many years ago - probably about 1989. Pete is very adventurous and he had no second thoughts about jumping off the top many times at night, and many of those with us swam in the plunge pool, but I hadn't brought anything to change into so sat at the side like a lemon wishing I could join in with the splishy fun...

Liz Curtis

Skinny dipping out of the question ... either that or go commando afterwards??
Maybe you just didn't actually want to hurl your body off a rock into a black pool with who knows what hidden horrors lurking beneath its surface. I know I wouldn't, but then I'm a scardycat.


I suspect you are right Liz. I have never been or even heard of this place, makes me realise so much to discover. Glad you had a relaxing and fun day. BTW what kind of sandwiches were they?


You have some great source material there for your NEXT watercolour, Liz.

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