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February 19, 2008


Tim the Enchanter

Brown paper and a hot iron will melt the wax for you to then wipe excess off. You can then wash carpet as normal.
This is according to TLB.


Burn the house down and claim on the insurance.

No, bad idea.


Blame it on the chimney sweep?


Oh xxxx, looks like you're xxxxed.

Tim the Enchanter

Is that 'waxxed' Jac?


Try easing it away from the marble with a plastic spatula . I would also try to pick as much as possible from the carpet (I'll come down and do it for you - I love picking baked on wax off things!) Then I would introduce the iron and brown paper.


Well ange if you really like picking wax off things we have a matching one at our house, except I like wax too and have had hours of pleasure doing the same thing.

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