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January 29, 2008



I hope there's no lasting damage, and was very concerned about your spectacular fall. You two are great at coping with whatever life throws at you by the unique process of photographing it in extreme close up and publishing it - it's the best therapy, but we really need to see the bum shots. Best wishes for a speedy and full recovery, and take it easy. I know we're all excited when leaving church and getting back out to The Real World to play and laugh and sing and dance, but next time pretend you're leaving reluctantly.


OH Mummy - I do hope you get better soon.....xxx


Yes bum shots please, hope you are okay.x

Tim the Enchanter

Ouch... hope you are mendin' well!

Liz Curtis

I find it quite worrying that so many of you want to see my bum .... AGAIN!


Aw - (cyber hugs) That's pretty impressive.
Please be careful! Hoping that today (Tuesday) you're feeling better - and enjoying watching the changing colours of your bruises. Of course we want to see your bum - again... we're just kids at heart :-)

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