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September 12, 2007



Wow - a tower! Liz, after gigs if Andy has forgotten his key, you can let down your hair for him to climb up! It's like a fairy tale!


Yes, Jason. It IS a fairy tale.

Sure feels like one.

Liz Curtis

I'm growing my hair as fast as I can.


Tall like the tower....

Tim the Enchanter

'Newbiggin Towers' has a nice ring about it.


At last! I can almost hear you both expanding from here... hmmm perhaps I ought to rephrase that?


I will wave to you every day. Its quirky isn't it?

Liz Curtis

Rebecca - very quirky. I'm so very glad that you told us about it.


We shall have to learn a whole new sign language and teach Neil and Suzi too, so we can have a three way conversation. Maybe its a new Newbiggin Language.

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