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September 09, 2007



Goodness you do have long legs


Could it have something to do with when work stops? I'm finding that at the minute. I've been away from work for the six weeks holiday then thrown in at the deep end straight into 5 days a week of kids to school - work - pick up kids. Work stimulates bits of my brain that I don't use at home so I'm finding that once I'm out of the working environment I'm feeling a bit at a loose end. Plenty to do like housework or play with/entertain the kids but I just cannot be bothered. I want something to do but I can't be bothered to do it. It's probably being back at work after such a long break and just getting used to the routine again? Hope you like the job and that it all works out for you.

Tim the Enchanter

Your post ended on a positive note anyway Liz.... the photographs ARE good, and the shadow one cheered me up no end!


I think it's tiredness Liz. Huge shck to the system - so many demands on your time once more after the luxury of being in your own head for six weeks. Once you've moved into the 'Newbiggin Princess' and have more space to relax in - am sure the blues will turn to rainbows.
Need any volunteers for moving day?

Liz Curtis

Jac - I think you're right. It's lifted both our spirits thinking about living somewhere new and better. Not sure when moving day is yet, but I think any help offered will be gratefully received. Thank you.

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