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January 15, 2007



Thank God for that!


See it's advertised in the News Post Leader so there maybe lots more attendees this week.


How did your spiritual searching go Liz?

Tim the Enchanter

Church is what you have left when the building's burned down.


Our church are currently looking at doing Sunday services differently. last weekend I was invited to join the pastor, his wife and one of the elders at a church in Devon. we flew down, were met by their pastor and given the warmest welcome, treated like honoured guests, fed well and enjoyed gret fellowship during the Sunday service. They had some great ideas, but the church was above all caring and met with each other regularly. A church with choice where building good relationships seems to be more important than how well the PA system works, or howmany times a song should be sung.
definately refreshing and inspiring!


In the words of my mum (TLB)..."we can't GO to church, we ARE the church". And I love what my dad put too. What I'm finding more and more these days is that people are searching for God in people, not in a building. Understand me? We want to fellowship (yuck, sorry just don't really like that word) with people who just love God.

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