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January 12, 2007


Paulette Gubanski

Hello, it's Paulette Gubanski. I received your lettre and I wanted to aswer you but I don't have your complete adress with your complete name and surname. So could you send me an e-mail please.

Paulette Gubanski


Wow! Paulette posted on your blog, Liz!

BTW - I love it when your ripples spread. Mmmmmm....

fave sis michelle

Im sure they will think you are fab, and try and keep you for sure....


Where's Mowbray? Like we thinking pork pies? You can't be travelling that far?/ Surely?/ Guess it's in high up Morpeth somewhere?

Liz Curtis

It's Guidepost, Ange.


So glad you're enjoying it - and I'm sure it'll lead on to more work. Best wishes.


Well done for getting the job :) I hope it does create lots of job-related ripples!


How could they not want your ripples?

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