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November 04, 2006



Little did I realise that the simple addition of a web counter would cause anyone to think such things.

As everyone knows, I show off by doing my radio show.


Andy has so many ways of showing off - this is just one of them. I am constantly in awe of his talent, personality and mastery of all he turns his manly hands to, and I can, and will, never compete with him in any sphere. I remain his humble student, and count myself fortunate to be able to learn from him, and hope that one day I might attain a tiny fraction of his magnificent perfection. Yours worshipfully, Jason.


I hope Rebecca and Ian noted the distinct lack of testosterone in that last comment. You see, I can do it, even if it is blatant sarcasm.


Thanks, jason - at last you are starting to-

...oh, hang on, sarcasm.

Feck off, then.


Did I say testosterone, I meant oestrogen...silly me.

Liz Curtis

Rebecca, you didn't say testosterone. Jason, are you now impersonating Rebecca?


I'd pay good money to see Jason impersonate Rebecca.

...in full drag, obviously.


I some how feel my oestrogen remark may have back fired.

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