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November 22, 2006



Oh dear Liz, I have some paint if you want to cover it up


Photo's don't show up bruising as well as you would have hoped.... remember my knees?!


Why do this to yourself? Sorry Andy, please forgive me!!

Tim the Enchanter

I feel kind of proud that I watched these pictures being taken, and also saw the bruises develop before my very eyes. Thanks for your company Liz, even though I guess you would rather have been curled up with a whisky...and Andy.


I'll take that whisky... :)

fave sis michelle

This looks very painful and you were brave enough for photos to be blogged Lee wouldnt let me blog his face with his massive abcess but every time I looked at him elephant man sprung to mind and even Alyssia flinched when she looked at him....


Ouch! That looks like it hurt! You really should stop picking fights with your pupils, Liz. Sounds like you're quite proud of your war wounds though.


And now how do u look? I want updates!

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