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October 13, 2006



The phrase: "General Wipage" which cracks me up.

Tim the Enchanter

Then of course there's the scrunching or folding issue which needs addressing.


Brenda doesn't do the triangle thing does she, Tim?


Folding - for sure.

Tim the Enchanter

Not sure what you mean by that Rebecca. Not that I'm soliciting an explanation for it either mind!!


Liz Curtis

Tim: triangle thing, think hotels and how they show you they've been in the bathroom. (to clean, that is)
Andy: I agree, folding every time. Scrunching gives so little wipage control.


My son will kill me for this (he's 20 now and therefore will remain anonymous) I can tell when he's been home - and to the bathroom - to this day - he leaves little folded pieces of toilet tissue lined up in preparedness on the side of the loo. How sweet is that? I blame the parent's of course :-) I love you Tris (oops did I say Tris?)

Liz Curtis

A folder there then!

Ruby Riley

I had the proper hangage discussion with my family a while back, and it turns out that my aunts are so adamant in their belief that toilet paper should always roll over and not under that if you invite them to your house for a dinner party, they will go in your bathroom and switch your toilet paper roll around if it's on the "wrong" way.

Love your poem!


New 'poem' to read.

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