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October 29, 2006



Oh I do, I do have work, but its a crisis work first and may require your seamtress talents, but then something that might resemble cleaning and some fun painting, but in a different place. Does that make you feel better?

Liz Curtis

I can to crisis work too.


Most of existence is a crisis of one sort or another...

fave sis michelle

I must be rather sad as I dont really mind housework, but if I could afford, I would pay someone then I could do something else like bake! Couldnt bewithout my dishwasher tho.... only had it 2yrs and the novelty hasnt worn off yet......


Sorry but I think baking is nearly as bad as housework. The dishes you produce, the mess, the fact that it doesn't get eaten ... everything. Baking, NO!!


Yes, Liz if I had the money I would definitely pay a cleaner. My sister-in-law lives in Edinburgh and she has a one. Mind she earns about three times as much as my husband so I suppose she can afford it. Oh, if only I'd tried harder at school and had the ambition then. Never mind, such is life ......


I feel sure Toni will contribute to this blog if only to tell everyone how rubbish I am. I do enjoy vacuuming though. I hate dusting because everything has to be moved then moved back. I almost never put washng in, but occasionally take it out and hang it up. I sometimes empty the dishwasher and do the dishes that don't go in there. Toni is excellent at all of these things, and doesn't HAVE to be angry or fed up to do them well, but usually is anyway just to be on the safe side. I love you darling.

fave sis michelle

FLB jason you are such a creep...... tho you are getting quite good on the cooking front


What is this housework thing that you all talk of?!
By the way mum... although I do the whole socks in pairs game it is definitely no fun as a game should be... my advice just buy lots of identical socks then you just need to pick up two... they will always match!


Yes, I thought of that. Feel like throwing away all of the boys socks and buying my eldest child grey ones and my younger child black ones then the problem will be gone. But I'm too mean to throw out decent socks .....

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