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October 11, 2006



I hear you, Liz. Sometimes I just despair at the way so many things fail to work out.

Once more, time to search our hearts, gather our courage and face the future positively.


fave sis michelle

My gran alway's used to say "what will be will be" Im sure in the very near future the perfect job will come along, just hang in there.


I remeber being in the same position just afew years ago, lots of interviews -no Job. Plenty of supply. after reading Matthew 6 25-33, I worried less and left it in God's hands.

Still have it as an importanmt passage - It reminds me that God's in control. Hope it helps you a bit too.

Liz Curtis

Thanks, Claire. I know the passage well, and although I do believe it, it doesn't do a great deal to ease the disappointment. I know it'll all work out and that there s a job for me and a house for us ... just finding limbo a bit hard again.

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