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September 16, 2006



Rebecca here, (too lazy to go to the loft).

Liz you are surrounded here by many who have lived nowhere else, some who have come from afar and some who have travelled the country.

At the moment you are without your security blanket and everything familiar. You are experiencing pre-nerves, which would be enough in itself, in familiar territory and your move to date has left you cautious.

Your new friendships, their collective experiences and plain old fashioned love, are now in the process of knitting you a new security blanket to wrap yourself in ready for the wonderful times ahead. Relax and enjoy its comfort and as they say everthing will be alright on the day, and thereafter.


Dont feel stressed Liz, its your wedding and you dont have to go if you dont want too.
We can stay away together and you can be the 'babe' in my new car as we drive off in the other direction.
Do you think anyone will notice if we dont go?

Andy Curtis

Sorry to be overly technical, but if TL doesn't go, it actually isn't her wedding.

That said, go for it. :)

Tim the Enchanter

Could you just confirm who I will be marrying (to whom) on that day?

Andy Curtis

Tim, we'll get back to you.

(might be an idea to have a wench on standby)


I'm with you, Liz - about the crowds thing. For me - for a long time - I imagined it was just me - then I got to thinking - (and hearing other folks say) they felt the same too - so I take comfort in the crowd/fear/discomfort thing by telling myself that everyne else feels the same - just that some cover it up better than others... so here's the deal - if you see me looking uncomfortable and awkward you have my permission to whisk me away someplace quiet...and I do the same for you... 'cept - prollies not during the actual ceremony? :-)

Liz Curtis

You're on, Jac.


In trying to understand this, (which is a little more everyday), am I right in saying that its not about disliking people (which being a needy person I would tend to think the case), its just the numbers of. If this is the case, then it must have to do with one's tolerence of numbers. Do strangers play a key factor?

Is it also about expectations you think that others may have of you or you have of yourself, because surely that again is a common denominator.

All in all, we all have our level and yes I think most of us have a fear. Its just some of us do hide it better than others.

Liz Curtis

Basically, Rebecca, I am an introvert. Large numbers of people phase me, the greater the numbers, the more likely I am to feel stressed. I'm not good at small talk and "doing the party" thing, I just feel at a loss, like a fish out of water. Strangely, I can stand up in front of a large number of people and give a talk or do a teaching thing or whatever, but then I have a recognised role which is unequivocal. I enjoy best just chatting to a couple of friends at a time.

fave sis michelle

Hi Liz, Im sure you will be fine on your big day, but my other half is the same as you, doesn't like being the focus of attention so that's why we opted for Gretna where no-one knew us except for 9 family member's, oh and the crowd of visitor's that gathered in the blacksmith's shop to watch us being married ( the reverand shouted to them saying they could watch as it was a real ceremony) so we had a crowd of stranger's wishing us well much to Lee's dismay. Honestly just enjoy your day. Also I know I go on but Im like you I uprooted and moved here 135 miles away to be precise and it has taken me a while to settle especially leaving family but as Rebecca say's the security blanket is now forming and everything will turn out right eventually, thank goodness for mobile phone's and computor's to keep in touch with folk's.

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