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December 12, 2004



Hey Liz its great that you are taking these steps. I think that its a totally natural thing for us to mess up every now and then, God knows even before we do it that we are going to do it (if you know what I mean) so he prepares a lesson for us out of our experiences whether they be good or bad. The important thing here I believe, is to constantly make peace with God and not feel that we have to please the other Christians around us so much. If they have a problem with something we do, well that's up to them. But as long as our focus remains on Jesus and not on, for example, "how many times a month I attend church" or "is what I'm wearing acceptable to the church I attend" then we will have peace of mind. Jesus wants a personal relationship with each of us. He loves us more than we could ever possibly fathom and more. If we concetrate on spending quality time with him, we will begin to know exactly when he is speaking to us and also he will let us know if he is not so pleased with something that we have done or been involved in. Simply say sorry, learn, and move on. His grace is unmeasurable.


Thanks for your thoughts Aaron. It's strange how things work out. I have been away from church before, but returned and grown. This has been/is a big time of looking at my life and getting to know myself better. I know I've changed at a pretty deep level. I want that change to be reflected in my walk with God and with God's people. I think this will be the biggest challenge.

Tim the Enchanter

Yes, if only we could pin church down to a place...I can only endorse what my son has written on this. He has obviously had some very good influences in his life!


Hi Liz. Reading this is like lifting the lid off my own head right now. I too went back to church recently. A new church... well not new - very old really but - new to me. I sat and watched and listened and listened and watched. It was cold. No one spoke to me. The damp made me cough.The cough made it difficult to sing.
There were children. Gifted children playing light weight tunes with heavy duty instruments. I thought the church was blessed to have God moving through this congregation in this way. Comparisons were inevitable. Smaller... older...damper...colder... but the same god. The same feeling of peace. The same sense of quietude.
Afterward...people came. Curious. Questions asked. Some answers given. Promises to return. Maybe I might just.
Maybe it will be a while. Like you - I need time to think...time to be quiet.

Liz Marshall

Thanks for sharing this. It took me 3 years to get to this point! Not gone back yet, but I do have the excuse of the intervening holiday. I hope you find yourself much more quicklier.

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