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December 21, 2004



I had no idea batteries cost fifty quid. Yikes!

I guess that means I am not a real man.

Liz Marshall

Well, they probably don't if you can fit them yourself and go to a nice cheap place ....


There's a place you can go where they'll give you a brand new one for £5 if you let the blokes who work there beat you up for fun. It's called Assault & Battery - I'll give you the number if you're interested.


The car wash ritual. Oh god - it's been two months since I became solely responsible for my own car and it's becoming very heavy to drive on account of the layers and layers of mud attached to the bodywork. Andy took me in his car the the dreaded Car Wash and he showed me how to drive up to the lines and where to stop in his..but..but...but...you will know Liz, just how bloody scary this prospect is. Driving in there alone and hoping that the car is where it needs to be and wondering what if it's not and the radio aerial gets ripped off - or worse - what if it knacks the nice man's car wash machine...or what if it gets stuck and I have to be rescued by burly firemen and and and hey this car wash idea ain't so bad after all :-)

Liz Marshall

Must be one of Andy's ministries .... has he done the air machine with you yet? lol


Air machine? Hell - that sounds very....pneumatic...and even more scary:-(

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