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December 06, 2004



i'm available for guest appearances...


Looks like quite a big budget do. I am envious of you, your school, it's extravigant costumes and sets, and the talent that your children clearly have.


I can let you have a copy of the play .... music and all .... would that appease you? ;-)


I hope all those folk involved with your school treat you as the treasure you obviously are, Liz. The stuff you do as part of your job would be done by about 12 others out there in the 'real' world.
God bless you.
I remember being decked out in a dyed green corduroy pinafore and thick red tights all in the name of 'being' a piece of Christmas Holly. I also remember getting very hot and my knees hurting from all the - well - kneeling really... and becoming aware as the time of my reading approached... that there was a buzzing noise. It grew louder...it got so loud that it became difficult to hear what my co actors were saying. Then there was only buzzing..and the world went dark and seemed very far away... and Mistletoe's face seemed very large and too close to me
Seems I had fainted and fallen off the end of the stage into the arms of Mr. Dawson. Thankfully he was a strong bloke and at ten I was a lot smaller than I am now. Whatever you're doing now Mr. Dawson. Thanks for being there. Thanks for the memory Liz. I am so glad it went well - really well.

Liz Marshall

Hey and you say all this without having even hearing or seeing it! Cool. ;-)

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